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Carol Reen Top Producer 2017!

Carol Reen is recognized as a Top Producer for Coldwell Banker and ranked in the top 1000 for NRTGateway Community of Agents Nationwide 6 years running. Carol is honored to be recognized along with other great agents!

But, really, real-estate practice is not about awards which gather dust or sit in the bottom of Carol's office drawer. Recognition means very little without the people who make it possibleher clients. Carol enjoys providing a service and feels lucky to have met and befriended her clients through what is often a stressful and difficult process. The biggest accolades are from Carol to her clients.

To our amazing loan officers, escrow officers, property inspectors, engineers, architects, contractors, handymen, cleaning crew, movers: a HUGE 'Thank You'!

A 'Thank You' as well to the Team (Amanda, Coach Marianne Curran, Paul, Eden & Skippy) and associates far and wide:

  • Kirk Gregor
  • John Nelson
  • Coldwell Banker Managers & Office Support Members & Colleagues
  • Colleagues at
    • Alain Pinel
    • Better Homes & Gardens
    • Climb
    • DotRE
    • Hastings Realty Group, Inc.
    • Jodi Group
    • Keller Williams
    • McGuire
    • Pacific Union
    • Paragon
    • Terrace Associates
    • Zephyr
Top Producer