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    Airdrop 10/16/2020: Dreaming of Lake Tahoe?!


    “There is no such thing as bad weather — only different kinds of good weather.”

    — John Ruski

    Happy Friday, Everyone!

    As we head into another week of very warm weather The Team wants to remind everyone to stay COOL and CALM and HYDRATED.

    It’s been our experience that everyone is yearning for a vacation, or even a stay-cation right now. Perhaps LAKE TAHOE has caught your eye??

    As you know, I have strong opinions on real estate markets. Along those lines, the LAKE TAHOE market update from my colleague Patrick Carlisle crossed my desk today and I wanted to share the informative STATS and CHARTS. Take a gander for your reading fun and enjoyment!

    And if you ARE thinking about a MOVE there (or a second home – or a vacation home) – let me know! I can connect you with great agents!

    Cheers! And Huge Hugs!

    ~CR and The Team


    Q3 2020

    Lake Tahoe Summary Stats Market Report

    The Tahoe market is red hot across its different market segments. Market indicators are often seasonal in nature, with Q2 typically being the period of highest demand, and the mid-winter holiday period being the period of lowest activity.

    The pandemic gravely affected Q2 2020 market activity, but the quarterly and monthly statistics show the steep decline followed by the dramatic rebound that occurred over the course of Q3 2020.

    Median Sales Price

    for Houses & Condominiums in all Lake Tahoe regions.


    Summary table of the Tahoe regions Median Price and Days on Market can be seen below.

    The percentage of active listings going into contract by month: A clear indicator of how high buyer demand has been this summer and into Q3.